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Pacific Pidgin English: *helpem.

Bislama: helpem; Pijin: helpem, helpim, helfem; TSC: elpe.

Any good examples of the noun forms of helpim?

See original Mihalic entry halivim.

Noun forms

  1. aid, assistance, help, a helper
    em i bin baim haus sik long helpim bilong ol tambu bilong em she paid the hospital expenses with the aid of her inlaws

  1. a substitute, replacement
    mi no gat helpim bilong mi I have no one to take my place

Transitive verb forms

  1. to help someone, to assist someone, to aid someone
    mi ken helpim yu I can help you
    yumi mas helpim wok bilong gavman we must assist the government in its work

  1. Money, gift idiom: to give money to
    inap yu ken helpim mi? can you ‘help’ me? can you give me some money?

  1. to take someone’s place, to substitute for, to replace
    helpim olpela plang long nupela to replace an old board with a new one
    tisa i gat sik, mi kam (bilong) helpim em the teacher is sick, and so I have come to take his place

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