English: ‘hot’.

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Transitive verb forms

  1. Physical state: to heat something, to make something hot
    hatim bateri to charge a battery
    hatim liklik to warm something
    hatim wara bilong waswas heat the water for a bath

  1. Form of talking: to shout at, blow up
    misis i hatim man bilong em long em i kam let long haus the wife blew up her husband for being late home
    hetmasta i hatim ol sumatim the headmaster blew up the students

  1. Form of talking: to incite, to ‘get stuck into’, to ‘make hot’
    lapun i hatim ol yangpela long go insait long pait the old man incited the young men to go and fight
    bos bilong Blues i hatim ol tim membas long plei hat the Blues coach got stuck into his players telling them to play hard

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