English: ‘gold’.

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Noun forms

  1. gold bras1, manganis
    em i gol tru, em i no bras it’s real gold, it’s not pyrites
    pikinini gol a person brought up on the proceeds of alluvial mining

Noun combination forms

  1. Mining/geology: gol lain a gold vein
    ol man i lukim manganis na i wok long bihainim gol lain the men saw the purple clay and started to follow the gold vein

  1. gol mani gold, gold coins
    poket i pulap long gol mani his pockets are filled with gold

Verb phrase forms

  1. Mining/geology: wok gol loosely to produce gold, specifically to do alluvial mining
    kampani i wok gol o nogat? is the company producing gold?
    papa i go long bus na i wok gol i stap the old man has gone to the bush to do alluvial mining

  1. Mining/geology: disim gol to ‘dish’ gold dis

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