English: ‘glass’.

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Modifier forms

  1. Everyday item: made of glass or hard ceramics
    glas plet a china plate
    glas kap china mug
    glas ai glass eye
    i no ain, em i glas it isn’t made of tin, it’s made of china

Noun forms

  1. Everyday item: a glass, window pane, mirror, windscreen, any glass object aiglas
    lam glas the glass ‘chimney’ of a kerosene lamp
    windo glas window pane, louvre blade
    glas bilong lukluk a mirror, a looking-glass
    waindim (apim/daunim) glas wind (wind up/wind down) a car window

  1. Everyday item: goggles
    glas bilong swim diving goggles
    daiv long glas to skin dive; to ‘swim dive’ for trochus etc

  1. Medicine: thermometer
    givim glas to take a temperature with a thermometer

Intransitive verb forms

  1. to free dive, using goggles
    go glas long gam to go free diving for baler shells

  1. to signal with a mirror, to observe with field glasses
    mipela i glas long ol we signaled them with a mirror; we flashed signals to them; we watched them through field glasses

Transitive verb forms

  1. to look at through any kind of optical aid kompas
    kiap i glasim ol wel kanaka long kompas the patrol officer observed the fierce tribesmen through binoculars

  1. to inspect carefully, to examine medically, to spot sekim
    glasim gut! inspect it thoroughly!
    dokta i glasim mi the doctor examined me
    wanpela birua hait i kam, tasol mipela glasim em longwe hap one of the enemies crept up secretly, but we spotted him a long way off

  1. to take the temperature with a thermometer
    nes i glasim sikman the nurse took the patient’s temperature

  1. to do the work of a shaman or seer glasman
    poisenman i glasim bodi bilong em the shaman used his special powers to inspect the patient’s body

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