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Kuanua: galip.

Ross (1992:372) sources this with Kuanua - but for what species of nut?

Mihalic gives sense (2) and this is retained here. The reason is that a scattering languages throughout inland New Guinea, where peanuts have been introduced since the 1920s, have adopted a cognate of galip as the vernacular name for peanut: for example, Biangai (Morobe Province) kalip; Middle Wahgi (WHP), kelip. However, where has anyone heard galip for peanut recently? Which languages have the kalip / kelip like word for peanut?

Which species of Canarium is galip identified with today? What's the best English familiar term?

See original Mihalic entry.

Noun forms

  1. Tree crops and fruits: Canarium sp. nut.

  1. Food crops: in non-standard usage, probably only inland New Guinea, little known today, the peanut kasang, pinat

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