List discussion -- GORGOR

Ginger family, not ginger. Peekel gives goragora as the Kuanua term for Alpinia spp, especially A. oceanica. This has terminal flowers. Other species with flowers/fruit coming up from the rhizome, which may be Alpinia, Amomum, Horstedtia or Nicolaia, are gorgor in Manus tp. The sweet/spicy arils of some of them are widely appreciated by children (me too). This group includes large plants with fragrant flowers and aromatic rhizomes (very like galangal), widely planted for the flowers and rhizomes and important in garden magic.

What is included in tp gorgor? I would be tempted to say large indigenous Zingiberaceae (ie distinct on at least one count from Zingiber officinale), but O. W. Borrell, An annotated checklist of the flora of Kairiru Island, New Guinea, 1989, (the author) Bulleen, Victoria, says gorgor refers to Heliconia indica, the only indigenous New Guinea Heliconia.

What are the tp terms for other members of the Zingiberaceae - turmeric (Curcuma longa), cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum), Hedychium etc?  see below, kawar.

Jean Kennedy, 9 Nov 2001