English: ‘drum’.

Fuels commonly seen in rural PNG and supplied in 220 litre drums are: AVGAS, JetA1, petrol and diesel. Kerosene is generally only available from fuel depots in 20 litre drums. Both sizes are highly sought after in villages while the 220 litre size is re-manufactured in alternative technology workshops into a variety of new products.

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Rabis dram

Noun forms

  1. Tools, machines, instruments: (i) a 220 litre (or 44 gallon) fuel drum (ii) a 20 litre kerosene drum
    benzin dram / dram benzin drum of petrol
    kerosin dram / dram kerosin drum of kerosene
    dizel dram drum of diesel
    rabis dram rubbish drum

  1. Food preparation: modified 220 litre drum made into a low cost baking oven skon
    papa save bekim skon long dram the old fellow bakes scones in a drum oven

  1. Food preparation: the top 20-30cm of a 220 litre drum cut down to make a pot stand for cooking in a fireplace
    mama i amamas long nupela dram mother is really pleased with her new drum

  1. Tools, machines, instruments: 220 litre drums welded end on end to make a lost cost road culvert
    memba i baim greda i wokim hanrot, tasol mani sot long wokim kalvet na ol i planim dram tasol the MP used his funds to have a grader work on the feeder road, but there wasn’t enough money for proper culverts and they put down drum-culverts instead

Noun combination forms

  1. Tools, machines, instruments: dram wara an empty 200 litre drum used for catching water off a roof

  1. Kind of person: empti dram someone who is all talk and no action

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