doktapis / doktafis
A very small introduced species of fish that eats mosquito larvae and likes to nibble on people's sores when they stand still in the water. I don't know the English or scientific name.

Craig Volker
8 Apr 2002

There are two different types of fish that people call "doktapis" in New Ireland. The first kind is small and lives in fresh water. And like you said it is an introduced species, I believe, from somewhere in Africa, but I may be wrong. The second type (called "alanglaang" in Nalik) lives in the ocean as well as fresh water and is a scavenger. I believe they are called "doktapis" in New Ireland because in past years medical orderlies went around to the villages and informed people about the benefits of  keeping these waste-scavenging fish alive.

Jenny Xomerang 8 Apr 2002