Contact exchange: ‘Bouka!’.

According to Lincoln (1976:201): ‘The French explorer Bougainville recorded the shouts “Bouka! Bouka! Onelle” (Bougainville 1771, as quoted by Ray, 1926:12). But as far as I know, the meaning and origin of these shouts have not been ascertained.’

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Modifier forms

  1. very dark, deep black (from intensely black skin colour of many Bougainvilleans)
    dispela pusi i buka tru this cat is jet black

Proper noun forms

  1. Geography: Buka the northern island of North Solomons Province

  1. Ethnic identifier: Buka any person from North Solomons, even if from the island of Bougainvillean rather than Buka ® Tudak
    ol Buka Boungainvilleans

  1. Buka name for a black dog

Noun forms

  1. Bird: a crow

Noun combination forms

  1. Meri Buka Negrita rum, so-called from the picture on the label of a black-skinned woman

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