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Noun forms

  1. Tree crops and fruits: the betel palm and its nut, Areca catechu. buatau, kapipi, mango
    kaikai buai to chew betel nut

  1. Supernatural world: magic associated with the ingestion of betel nut and lime with the aim of becoming invisible or transforming into an animal to undertake acts of sorcery, notably in the ‘Buai Cult’ of ?East New Britain in the ?19xxs. kol kambang, poisen, puripuri

Noun combination forms

  1. Tree crops and fruits: mango buai large orange type of betel nut mango

Verb phrase forms

  1. kaikai buai to get a punch in the face (from the red juice of betel nut chewing)
    yu laik kaikai buai, a? do you want a smack in the mouth?

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