English: ‘box’.

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Sluice box at Elowa Creek, Watut LLG, Morobe Province, July 1996.

Noun forms

  1. Everyday item: a box, trunk, case, crate
    bokis diwai a wooden box
    bokis mani a moneybox, a strongbox
    bokis nating an empty box
    bokis ais refrigerator

  1. Sexual anatomy: the female genitals (generally easier to utter than kan), the uterus kan
    dokta i rausim bokis bilong meri the doctor performed a hysterectomy on the woman

Noun combination forms

  1. Form of talking: tok bokis a means of talking about something without mentioning it, circumlocation, veiled speech tok piksa
    em i mekim wanpela tok bokis na ol bikman i klia he used veiled speech and the elders understood him

  1. Mining/geology: gol bokis a sluice box gol dis
    ol liklik maina i save wok gol long bokis the small-scale miners work with sluice boxes
    Maus Bokis name of settlement next to the Bulolo bridge at the lower end of the Bulolo Gorge between Bulolo and Wau (after sluicing boxes of the miners who live there)

  1. Landform: bokis graun a parcel of land, a block
    mi papa graun, mi givim em bokis insait long graun bilong mi I am the landowner, I gave him a block to use within my land

  1. Everyday item: braun bokis a cardboard box braun

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