aut, autim

English: ‘out’.

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Modifier forms

  1. out
    em i go aut long taun she has gone out to town
    paua i aut the power is out

  1. be put out, evicted raus
    yu bikhet, bai yu aut long wok if you muck about, you’ll be sacked

  1. be knocked out
    tripela man takolim em, na em i aut pinis three players tackled him and knocked him out

Transitive verb forms

  1. Form of talking: to declare, divulge, place on the table
    mipela mas autim belhevi bilong mipela we must declare our concerns
    autim wari declare one’s worries
    autim tok hait divulge a secret

Verb phrase forms

  1. Warfare, fighting: autim tiket (a) to knock out, to best, to kill (see Smith 1990)
    ol i pait i go i go na pukpuk i autim tiket bilong masalai ya they fought and fought, then the crocodile knocked out the masalai
    em i sanap long eleksin na autim tiket bilong olpela memba he stood in the election and bested the former member

  1. Sexual activity: autim tiket (b) to win over sexually, to have sex with (see Smith 1990)
    planti yangpela man i save traim long autim tiket bilong dispela meri, tasol no gat wanpela i save win many young men tried to win over this woman, but they never succeeded

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