English: ‘afternoon’.

While apinun (and Papua New Guinea English ‘afternoon’) as a specific time means at the end of the day, the greeting form is employed any time after midday by a watch or clock.

See original Mihalic entry.

Noun forms

  1. Time, season: at the end of the day, late afternoon, early evening
    yumi painim ples long apinun we’ll arrive at the village by nightfall
    man i no stap, em bai kam long apinun he is not here, he will come in the late afternoon
    long apinun tru more specifically around dusk or nightfall

  1. Form of greeting: afternoon
    Apinun! Good afternoon! Good evening!
    Gut apinun tru! A very good afternoon to you! A very good evening to you!
    Apinun nau! Afternoon!

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