amamas, amamasim

Source language unclear: any clues?

Mihalic has the origin as Malay. Online dictionaries do not show an obvious cognate.

See first Mihalic entry. See second Mihalic entry.

Noun forms

  1. Mental state: joy, gladness, delight, honour
    amamas bilong ol i bikpela moa their delight knows no bounds

Intransitive verb forms

  1. Form of perceiving: to be happy, to be content
    ol i amamas i stap they are content

  1. Form of perceiving: to be proud of, in a good sense (as opposed to hambak), praise
    em i amamas long gaden bilong em he is proud of his garden
    yu amamas long wanem? what are you so happy about?

  1. Mental state: to flirt, to attract attention

Transitive verb forms

  1. to praise, to make a fuss of
    pikinini i kam bek long ovasis na ol i amamasim em their son came back from overseas and they made a great fuss of him

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