English: ‘ice’.

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Noun/Modifier forms

  1. ice, hail (also frost - many speakers are unsure of the difference), snow sno
    ais pundaun na bagarapim gaden hail fell and caused crop damage (or, confusingly, a frost 'fell' and caused crop damage)

  1. icy, frozen, contains ice
    bokis ais fridge, freezer, Esky

Noun forms

  1. Botany: green moss like a sponge found in mountain bush which can be squeezed to extract ice cold drinking water (Wau/Bulolo) matres

  1. cold water where warm water is expected
    Tasol long taim bilong ren, bikpela tait bilong bus i kamdaun na wara i kol, i olsem ais. Olsem na em i gat dispela nem Ais. Nem tru em i Aruba. Masalai wokim tripela ailan After heavy rain, a current of cold water is carried (down to the sea), as cold as ice. We call it ‘Ais’, but its real name is ‘Aruba’. This spirit created the three islands (at Kandrian, WNB) Wantok 418, 22 May 1982, p. 19.

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