Tok Pisin: ai + gris.

(No Mihalic entry)

Noun combination forms

  1. Place name: Aigris Maket a very small roadside market on the Bulolo-Aseki road near Pararoa Primary School, Watut Council area, Morobe Province, so-named because Watut girls are not meant to flirt at all

Transitive verb forms

  1. Mental state: to desire (to look longingly at) guria, mangal
    Baundo wantaim pikinini i go sindaun arere long haus bilong Loime na aigris long kaikai i stap Baundo and his children sat down outside Loime’s house and looked hungrily at the food Wantok Stori Tumbuna #512, 1984

  1. Sexual activity: to flirt with
    ol manki go long maket na aigris long ol resa meri the boys went to the market and flirted with the fashion girls there

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