Kuanua: ibika.

Ross (1992:372) notes that this has the Tolai article a- attached, i.e. a- + ibika.

The centre of origin of the plant is Sulawesi-New Guinea, extending across Melanesia some time before European contact (Preston 1991:26). The taxonomic name, Hisbiscus manihot or Abelmoschus manihot, differs among authorities. See also May (1984: 56-57), Rehm and Espig (1991: 139, 159), Siemonsma and Piluek (1993), Sillitoe (1983: 71-73).

See original Mihalic entry. See List discussion. .

Noun forms

  1. Edible greens: ‘Hibiscus spinach’ or ‘Sunset hibiscus’ Hisbiscus manihot or Abelmoschus manihot kumu

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