Other Tok Pisin reference sites

A bibliography of Melanesian Pidgin English dictionaries, phrase books and study guides
Thomas Slone’s very comprehensive site.

TOK PISIN: a language of Papua New Guinea
Description of the language from Ethnologue.com with links to an extensive bibliography of which some entries are online, in particular SIL Electronic Working Papers by Karl J. Franklin.

Robert Eklund’s Tok Pisin Bibliography
Very useful bibliography by Robert Eklund of Linköping University, Sweden.

Grammatical categories and their realisations in Tok Pisin of Papua New Guinea
Technical paper by Jan Wohlgemuth and bibliography with mainly German references.

Tok Pisin Manual on Web Publishing
Information resource by Rhonda Eva of UPNG, in conjunction with the International Development Research Centre of Canada.

Tok Pisin by Jeff Siegel of the University of New England, Armidale, NSW
Classroom tips, etc. 

Other Tok Pisin dictionary sites

Pidgin/English Dictionary
A word list compiled in Port Moresby by Terry D. Barhorst and Sylvia O'Dell-Barhorst.

Pidgin/English Dictionary (tok pisin)
Another copy of Terry D. Barhorst and Sylvia O'Dell-Barhorst's list.

Pidgin, Motu, English Dictionary
Interactive dictionary on the Papua New Guinea Business Directory site.

Tok Pisin / Pidgin / English Online Dictionary
Site created by Andy Newlin, a web developer and former Peace Corps volunteer in East New Britain.

Tok Pisin verb conjugation online
A seemingly pointless site called Verbix with a broken link to Unesco.

Listen to Tok Pisin

Radio Australia Tok Pisin service
Dedicated web site with text in Tok Pisin

Meri i kamap ston, by Veronica Galeng of Konos, New Ireland, recorded by Eva Lindström of Stockholm University, Sweden
This story has sound.

Tok Pisin texts

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Tok Pisin version
United Nations Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights (source of translation not given)

The Lord’s Prayer and Ave Maria in Tok Pisin
Contributed by Fr. Geoffrey S. Lee of St Michael's Eriku Parish, Lae, and others.

The Ten Commandments in Tok Pisin
As translated by the Alexishafen Catholic Mission in 1937 (not exactly correct TP).

Popular Christmas Carols in Tok Pisin
By the The Religious Television Association of Papua New Guinea.

Non-Tok Pisin Tok Pisin sites

A fair amount of online chat, but not an awful lot in Tok Pisin.