The basis of the project is Father Frank Mihalic’s ‘Dictionary and Grammar of Melanesian Pidgin’, first edition 1959, second edition 1971. Before his death in 2001, Fr Mihalic offered the text of his work to this project. The purpose of the project is to create Tok Pisin resources on various media and eventually to publish new editions of ‘The Mihalic’ on a not-for-profit basis. 

Documentary sources

Published sources are acknowledged with bibliographic citations in the usual way (see Bibliography). The Tok Pisin newspaper Wantok is cited directly. A marked-up unpublished ms. dating to ca. 1980 with additions and edits to Mihalic has also been kindly forwarded to the editor by Peter Mühlhäusler; however, this has not been consulted in the first instance. The volume of Mühlhäusler’s published work on Tok Pisin is quite considerable and it has been decided to exhaust this first, giving conventional bibliographic citations by way of acknowledgement.

Honour board May 2003

Special credits are due to the following individuals listed below for their online contributions to the discussion list. The names shown are listed in good faith as being roughly in order by volume of postings:

  1. Thomas Slone
  2. Mesulam Aisoli
  3. Eric Hela
  4. Jean Kennedy
  5. Robin Hide
  6. Don Niles
  7. Jerry Jacka
  8. Ross Clark
  9. Craig Volker
  10. Eva Lindstrom
  11. Richard Scaglion
  12. Felix Nanesa
  13. Michael Goddard
  14. Piet Lincoln
  15. Suzanne Earley
  16. David Counts
  17. Jenny Xomerang
  18. John Lynch
  19. John Wagner
  20. Martha Macintyre
  21. Stephanie Garling
  22. George Morren
  23. John Wagner
  24. Lise Dobrin
  25. Bryant Allen
  26. Christine Jourdain
  27. Courtney Jill Handman
  28. Dag Trillitzsch
  29. Don Gardner
  30. Jim & Cindi Farr
  31. Malcom Ross
  32. Nicole Haley
  33. Simon Foale
  34. Stephen Leavitt
  35. Vince Ohlinger

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Picture credits

Thanks to these people for the use of photographs:

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The host institution for the project is the Divine Word University, Madang. The list and web site are physically located at the Australian National University and hosted by Coombs IT. Thanks to both for their support.

John Burton, Editor, 27 June 2003.